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We’re MADA Gallery, the public face of Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA).

Exhibiting art and design of the highest standard with an emphasis on excellence as a result of research, MADA Gallery is utilised as a teaching aid for the benefit of the students and staff from the faculty along with the wider community.

MADA Gallery is open to the public and welcomes school and group bookings. Admission is free of charge. Plan your visit

971 horses + 4 zebras, Installation view
971 horses + 4 zebras, Installation view

Current & Upcoming

Transmemorabilia: The World of Mahdi Abdullah

14-29 September 2016

A solo exhibition by Acehnese artist Mahdi Abdullah.

The title of the exhibition, ‘Transmemorabilia’, tells us that it is about memory, but violence and suffering are not portrayed directly. Only after our attention has been captured by these persuasive images do we notice that there are grenades amongst the pineapples in the basket and machine guns in the shopping bags, embedded symbolically in everyday life. We have abandoned realism for symbolism now, but these are beautiful pictures and they are not like the cartoons in the daily papers with simplistic takeaway messages. One can stay a while in front of these pictures, taking in the intricate details, noticing that there is more than meets the eye, and more things to think about afterwards. Abdullah’s Acehnese are somehow relaxed and comfortable now. They have not forgotten, but somehow they seem to have put the violence and tragedy of Aceh’s recent past behind them and are moving on. Moving on mindfully perhaps. (David Mitchell)

Mahdi Abdullah, Madah Ibu (Mother's Words) (2016)
Mahdi Abdullah, Madah Ibu (Mother's Words) 2016 Pen and acrylic on canvas, 180 x 200 cm.
Collection: Mr Sutjipto Handoko, Jakarta

Il Portone / Prato Exhibition

13 September - 5 October 2016

An exhibition showcasing the interdisciplinary work created by Communication Design, Industrial Design and Architecture students who participated in the 2016 MADA @ Prato program.

The projects investigated a sense of place through the eyes of cultural ethnographer, the tourist and the local: mapping, critical observation of the everyday and the monumental, the built environment, narrative and contemporary issues and thematics related to digital cultural heritage.

Lecturers: Jacqui Alexander, Vince Dziekan, Camerson Rose, and Pamela Salen

Marya Bautista (Facade, Venice; Visual essay)
Marya Bautista (Facade, Venice; Visual essay)

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