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Studio Agenda
Using generative processes and techniques (both digital and physical), students will undertake a series of weekly tasks exploring these methods as a design driver for each brief. Students will initially follow set processes (the recipe), often while selecting their own input (the ingredients). Ingredients will include site specific or cultural references, artistic practices or techniques, existing architectural styles and ornamentation methods. Outcomes will consistently be evaluated (conditions, arrangements and effects) and feedback loops will be used in subsequent iterations. Students will be required to critically analysis and discuss both their process of design and the final design outcome for each project.

Architectural representation and exploration
Students will investigate precedent architecture, researching, reviewing, redrawing and remodeling in order to understand the spatial and physical elements of architecture. Students will visit prominent Melbourne Architecture throughout the semester. Physical models will be required as students will be required to transfer between digital and physical representations of process led investigations.

Semester Breakdown and Brief
Students will spend the first third of the semester engaged in specific research including field trips to NGV International and Herring Island and undertake group site investigations. This information will be presented in the form of catalogued plans, diagrams, photographs and models. In addition to the weekly ‘process’ based tasks, students will also undertake three specific design briefs during the semester.

1. Courtyard Pavilion - Band Stand, NGV International, St Kilda Road, Competition Brief
2. Punt Stations/Ferry Kiosk – Herring Island, South Yarra
3. Gallery, Cafe and Amenities Block - Herring Island, South Yarra

The final brief for the studio will call for the design of a new art gallery/café and amenities block on Herring Island. Students will be encouraged to question the brief and explore opportunities for additional program throughout the semester.

Herring Island, South Yarra

Studio times
Monday 2:30 - 5:30 pm Thursday 2:30 - 5:30 pm

Studio Leader
Hannes McNamara, MUSK Architecture Studio

1. First Class - NGV International, St. Kilda Road
2. Two Classes will be held on a Saturday morning 10am-1pm thourought the semster.
2. A number of classes will also be held in our studio in Docklands throughout the semester.

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