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Docklands, Melbourne’s post-industrial reclaimed urban waterfront is an ongoing experiment in mass renewal. A tabula rasa on the edge of the city with a dirty past left in its wake. The studio will focus particularly on forgotten memories, the re-creation of context and the exploration of precedence. We will begin to speculate on how a resurrection of researched programs can influence a design. Students will question the role of the Docklands as a waterfront. The program calls for the design of a new community centre that specifically focuses on wooden boat building, education and exhibition space. The brief will initially explore a single ferry ticket booth and with an emphasis on experimentation, the explorations will expand through a series of projects of increasing scale.

Urban research
Students will look at historical programs associated with the Docklands and speculate on the reintroduction of these programs into the current urban fabric, exploring the potential for an industrial revival. We will investigate the post industrial reclamation of sites within Melbourne (Richmond, Abbotsford, Yarraville) through walking, photographing, cataloguing, mapping and historical analysis.

Architectural representation and exploration
Students will investigate precedent architecture, site, researching, reviewing, redrawing and remodelling in order to understand the spatial and physical elements of architecture. A combination of digital and physical models will be produced throughout the semester.

Three design esquisses will be undertaken before mid-semester, a ferry ticket booth (plan and site), boat building shed (volume and form) and education facility (section and program). Following mid semester students will develop a new facility incorporating the Melbourne Wooden Boat Building Centre, education and community facilities, ferry point and an additional program revealed through earlier urban research. Students will continue exploration and refinement of the program, building form and building skin, encouraged to challenge the brief and question architectures position at the intersect of the city and the dock.

The drunken sailor.
Hannes McNamara & Daniel Yusko
MUSK Architecture Studio

Docklands, Melbourne

Studio times
Monday 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Thursday 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Note: A number of classes will be held in Docklands throughout the semester.

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