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In LIVING FACTORY, students will be designing contemporary hi-density housing. We will speculate on how to transform the iconic Wool Store No. 5 in Macaulay, North Melbourne into an urban catalyst.

The grand Wool Store is directly linked to Melbourne’s rail network. Project proposals will have a visual impact as beacons, complementing the city’s gateway from CityLink.

Students will be challenged on how to adapt and reuse the existing warehouse structure into a hi-density model for inclusive living.

We will develop unconventional and speculative strategies for inner densification to design mixed-use housing projects as an urban system. Such a system must necessarily address the plurality and coexistence of heterogeneity on the level of city dwellers, programmes and the existing urban morphology.

The inherent synergies of these diverse contexts possess a great potential to design for an exciting future.

Living Factory
Wool Store No. 5

Master Studio ARC 4001-5001
By Markus Jung Mo/Thu 9.30-12.30

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