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In this studio, we will envision how future cities might develop along the planned “Iron Boomerang” freight rail line – a 3000km long service corridor linking deepwater ports and mining towns across the far north of Australia. The line runs across a landscape of intense extremes – of vulnerable ecologies, contested identities, marginal sites, challenged populations. Its economic underpinnings are rooted in a model that is, by its nature, volatile and deeply intermeshed with global markets.

The visionary projects should contribute constructively to the discussions about the very controversial rail project – drawing these out to build focused speculations around urban and architectural sites in extremis.

They will be based on thorough observations of the shifting geographies and conditions in the region such as: economy, international relationships, demography, resources, climatic conditions – cutting an investigative transect across the Australian continent.

The studio will embrace the tremendous scale and complexity of the site and conditions. Our mapping, representation and visioning will be augmented by tools and mechanisms drawn from outside of traditional architectural and urban practice. We will work with multi scalar GIS mapping, online platforms for data distribution, huge datasets, as well as emergent and parametric urban processes.

As practitioners, we have a deep responsibility to grapple with the uncertainties and vicissitudes of the future. We have to speculate around impacts – anticipate epochal shifts – navigate a way towards a resilient urban future.

We have to design in extremis.

in extremis
Master Studio
ARC 4001-5001
Maud Cassaignau + Tom Morgan
Mo 14-17:00 Thu 9-12:00

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