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Context + Project Overview
Brighton is an edge-suburban, regional area located just north of Hobart in Tasmania. The municipality encompasses the towns of Brighton, Pontville, Gagebrook, Old Beach, and Bridgewater -each with it’s own distinct urban character ranging from preserved old colonial charm, through to the generic suburban. The area has a rich and layered history in terms of both indigenous custodianship of the land and post-colonial settlement, much of the traces of which have been lost from view over years of ‘modern’ development. An extensive program of social housing in the 1960s has stigmatised the area as one of low-socio economic standing, however recent waves of suburban development seems to be challenging this status as Brighton has become one of the fastest growing urban areas in Tasmania.

Brighton Public is a ‘live’ research study that will investigate the changing nature and role of public architecture and spaces in the rapidly growing edge suburban / regional area of Brighton. Aiming to build on the municipality’s various strategic design documents, the project will involve undertaking broad historical research into the urban development of Brighton, close observation and documentation of the contemporary urban setting, and the subsequent proposal of responsive, forward-thinking speculative design projects on a number of specific public sites throughout the municipality.

Design Studio Projects
The project offers students the opportunity to put forward ideas and strategies for the future direction of Brighton and be part of the ongoing process of revitalisation. The design studio will focus on 6 key urban sites spread across the municipality. Up to mid-semester, small groups of students will develop urban scale plans on each of these sites that build on and challenge existing strategic document masterplans, before undertaking an individual, detailed architectural project of a key public building/s and / or space/s from their plan for the remainder of the semester.

Design Studio Foci
• Regional Revitalisation: exploring how architecture can contribute to the public realm of semi-regional / edge suburban areas and the potentials of culture and environment – led urban revitalisation,
• Developing methods for community engagement,
• Drawing out qualities of place in rapidly developing / changing urban contexts,
• Thinking spatially at an urban scale,
• Considering the dimension of time in the design process.
• Manifesting large scale urban ideas in relatively small scale architectural projects.

Community Consultation + Exchange
Undertaken as a collaboration between Brighton Council, University of Tasmania School of Architecture (UTas) and Monash University Department of Architecture (MADA), the study will engage in a community consultation process involving various key stakeholders in the community. UTas and Monash students will be working together on parts of the project in a cross- institutional exchange that draws upon the expertise of Utas’s Regional Urban Studies Laboratory and MADA’s focus on speculative design based research.

The studio will involve 3 trips to Tasmania.
• Trip 1 - 12th + 13th March (end of week 2) for an initial community consultation session and site visits to key culture and environment – led revitalisation projects.
• Trip 2 – during the semester to revisit specific sites (TBC),
• Trip 3 – at the end of semester for a public exhibition of student projects.

Trip 1 and 3 flights and accommodation will be covered thanks to generous financial support from the Brighton Council.

Brighton Public
...a design studio with Ross Brewin + Anna Gilby on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings

ARC 4001 + ARC5001
Master of Architecture Design Studio
Semester 1 2015

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